Adult Study on Planning for Resurrection:
Loss, Grief and Palliative Care

Many adults recently completed an adult study on Planning for Resurrections: Loss, Grief and Palliative Care. The handouts from these sessions are linked below.

Facilitators: Jim Sorensen, EdD, RN, Karen Jensen, MSN, RN and Bruce Serbus, BSN, RN. Jim has taught psychiatric nursing, social gerontology, and adult education. Karen has worked in long-term and palliative care. Bruce works with hospice.

Objectives: At the completion of these sessions, the attendee will be able to:

  1. Describe loss as perceived by each individual, in the areas of developmental stages, situations, and irrational thinking.
  2. State the stages and features of grief.
  3. Describe blocks to grieving that tend to lead to individual and family problems.
  4. Make plans for your own palliative care.
  5. Make plans for your own death.

Summary: Each of us experience loss at some point in our lives. Loss when a loved one is admitted to a nursing home,   loss when a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic or fatal disease, loss of a loved one, or loss when a child leaves home, are just a few. Though we have our own personal ways of coping, we all go through a similar process. This class is meant to assist in the understanding of the grief process, and what can happen if certain blocks to grieving are present. It will also aid in planning for how you are to be treated prior to death.