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Are you interested in joining Hope Lutheran Church (Hope)?

Thank you for your interest in Hope and the possibility of membership here with us! Hope has many ministries and opportunities for all ages within an environment that maintains a friendly, family-like atmosphere of support and encouragement.

Becoming a member is an easy process-  it’s all about opening your heart and mind, and getting involved.  As a member you may find meaningful connections with God, your community and all your neighbors in the world.

There are four ways to become a member of Hope Lutheran Church:

  • The first method is by baptism.
  • The second method is by confirmation.
  • The third method is by transfer from another ELCA congregation.
  • The fourth method is by profession of faith.

We encourage you to visit and we can connect you to opportunities that would be meaningful for you.

Would you like more information?  Please feel free to contact us as 605-332-2531.