A Message from Pastor Lynnae

I have many patchwork quilts. Some from long gone relatives and some from active artist yet today. Sometimes they serve a function as blankets on my bed and sometimes they hang on walls and offer their beauty. Quilts have long been practical and beautiful. Some quilts are made with precision concerning colors and some are random and surprising. We used to have a quilters group here at Hope, but alas it is a dying art.
The church has often been compared to a quilt. We are made up of various and wondrous colors and sizes. We vary in ability and skill. We complement one another and we sometimes are very practical in our service.
Yet, the really powerful part of a quilt is found on the back side. For it is on the back side of the quilt that you see th real work that has gone into the project. You see the tiny stitches, the mergers and tight corners. You appreciate the binding and the matching, the appliqué and the basting.
It is often the same with the church. You don’t know all the work that goes into mission and ministry until you look deep and see what has happened behind the scenes. The hours of practice, the study, the planning, the mowing, the teaching and even the dishwashing. The business of church is full of tiny little things that YOU do.
Thank you to all those who volunteer to help make church-well church. As we prepare to celebrate the birthday of the church on Pentecost Sunday (May 19) I hope you will find your places and ways to be church. It is truly the best feeling when you participate in the details and share of your time and talents.
There are many opportunities to serve. You will be amazed by the beautiful quilt – I mean church – that we can make. Need help finding a way to fit in? Give me a call, we’ll talk!
With Hope,
Pastor Lynnae