HopeCare Happenings

The fourth of July has come and gone and we are deep into summer!

School Age
The School Age Summer program was busy throughout June. Parks, pools, the zoo, Air Madness and Stockyard Farm Experience were some of our big adventures. To prevent some of the “lost knowledge” that students have over summer break, HopeCare has implemented a new schedule. It involves focusing on school subjects each week to stimulate our students’ brains and apply learned concepts. Last month we focused on science, reading comprehension, and math.

As part of the past week’s activities, centered around nocturnal animals, students dissected owl pellets to determine what the owl had eaten. The Outdoor Campus then borrowed their nocturnal animal crate to us so students could view a real bat skeleton and read all kinds of books about bats, including one titled, “Stellaluna.” This is the story of a fruit bat who was separated from her mother and raised by a family of birds. After reading this book as a class, students then completed a reading comprehension activity with questions about the story. Overall, students have been engaged and enjoyed the curriculum.

Children have been excited to have one-on-one reading with Ms. Jen. Their favorite book was “I love my Tutu, Too!”

Caterpillars and Butterflies
The time has come to celebrates as our “littles” transition to their next class. with New adventures and teachers await them! Watching them grow into the toddlers and watching as their little personalities develop is exciting and bittersweet! Now we welcome a new season, a new month and new families in.

The last few weeks have been full of laughter and fun! A few highlights included water day with water in the sensory tables and bubbles to chase. We got crazy and played dress up. The whole class was loving it!

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