HopeCare Happenings

We have been excitedly waiting in anticipation for baby Jesus to arrive, and now he’s here! From decorating to building a snowman, hearing the Christmas story and then our morning preschool’s annual Christmas programs, the countdown to Christmas was full and fun!

Caterpillars and Butterflies (infants)
In the spirit of Christmas, we spent time decorating the Caterpillars and Butterflies rooms! We put up the Christmas tree, lights and even decorated our doors. We also did a sensory activity with yogurt- kids this age learn so much through sensory play that introduces different textures, smells, and taste! Next week we plan on making salt dough ornaments!

Sprouts (ones)
The one year old’s learned how to build a snowman with Ms. Kami as we played and explored the snow that we brought in from outside. Sensory and science activities are used to learn about the weather!

Blooms (Twos)
In the two-year old room, we have a book that we read to the kids about baby teeth. It’s a good book that helps kids see the nice ways we can use our teeth. Teething can be a big challenge at this age, so we always do our best to help out!

Shepherds (ages 3 to 5)
We had very fun month in the shepherds room! We’ve been doing lots of fine motor and gross motor
activities while learning the difference! We’ve used droppers to color snow, and we have also been doing a lot of different sensory activities; shaving cream, water play and so much more! We love having our indoor jungle gym for those days where it’s just a bit too frigid outside! Sometimes we all need a day to stay inside build a fort and drink hot chocolate! 

Disciples (School age)
The school agers had a lot of fun this past month: we disguised a turkey, painted with apples, made Indian corn out of beads and pipe cleaners, and then we had a relay contest. For the contest the kids had a pie tin filled with cool whip, each tin had three gummy berries hidden in the cool whip that the kids had to use their mouths to find. Then the next kid could go, and so on until all 3 teammates found their berries. Overall, the kids had a blast!