My Angel Doll

My angel doll. I started a doll collection over twenty years ago. They have been gifts or whenever I was on a trip I got a doll. Now, I have about twenty dolls of all sizes. My largest doll is a toddler size doll. They all have porcelain faces. I didn’t have many dolls as a child. One that I remember having was a well-loved doll of my mother’s. It had short arms, thinning hair and a crack on the face. I started collecting dolls that replaced that old memory.

My angel doll came from a rummage sale or maybe it was Goodwill. She usually sits right on the floor where I can see her easily. She reminds me of the angels that are watching over us all the time, keeping an eye on us and keeping us safe. Angels we have heard on high!

by Ruth Hoiten