Memories of Christmas programs

Whenever I think of old Christmas memories The first thing that comes to mind is our Christmas Eve Sunday  school program at Our Saviors Lutheran in rural Clark county. I can still picture coming down the road and seeing the church lights shining through the stained glass windows and the very tall evergreen trees that framed the entrance to the church.

My sisters and I had on our new dresses mom had sewn for us, my Brothers had on their new Shirts she had made for them. Walking into the church and seeing the huge Christmas tree with its lights all on was amazing. Then off to the back room to get our costumes done and get ready for the program. I was usually an angel but one year I got to be Mary and sit by the manger with baby Jesus and my friend Gary Fisk was Joseph . The children all had pieces to say, and we told of the wonderful story of baby, Jesus, being born, and angels and shepherds and wisemen came to see him. We sang Christmas songs and told a wonderful story to all the people,  who I’m sure had never heard the story before. it was such a magical night, and I stayed in my heart forever. It is still the greatest News in the best birthday party ever.

by Alice Miller