Christmas as a child

I grew up in Alcester in a family of 6 kids - 5 girls and a boy, the youngest! How my folks could ever afford Christmas presents was amazing to me. We would look over the Sears catalog and put in our requests. One year I wanted a ventriloquist doll like Edgar Bergen had but instead received a 4 foot doll. I did NOT like dolls at all so never touched it.

Christmas Eve was special. We usually had a hot dish while my dad had Oyster Stew. We had to finish the dishes before we could open presents and I was the one who dried the dishes so it was up to me to hurry up!

Then we sat around the big tree and opened them up furiously! We always received a big gift that night plus small ones and a big one from Santa. Plus our shoes were laid out for treats. My mom always made many Norwegian treats for us to snack on! And of course we had stockings hung up!

That night was always church night late at 10:30 pm and at the end of the service we received the standard mesh bag with ribbed hard candy, nuts and fruit. The music was always wonderful. We lived close to church from 1961 on so we walked across the street to church. Then it was bedtime and trying to sleep waiting for Santa to arrive!

These were special times and we always enjoyed them! Mom and dad made them special and very enjoyable.

I would hope all of you would have family or friends to spend the holidays with this year! Merry Christmas!

Wendy Stubbs