Where did the idea of Christmas lights on your house come from?

from Jake and Katie Studer and family

Lighting up your Christmas tree can be traced back to 17th century Germany with the use of candles to illuminate the adorned tree. In 1882, the first electric light was installed in the NYC window of Edward Johnson, an associate of Thomas Edison and the VP of Edison Electric Light Company. Every since then, Christmas lights have evolved and expanded.

For Christians, some equate decorating with lights as symbolizing Jesus' birth as the light of the World. Another thought is it represents the star that the Wise Men followed. But, no matter what you think, we can all agree light displays are fun to view and get us into the Christmas spirit.

Here are a few of the local displays...find many more displays at

  1. Falls Park
  2. 701 N. Savannah Dr.
  3. 3022 N. Presentation Ct.
  4. 3716 S. Lewis Ct.
  5. 1819 S. Hawthorne Ave.