A Message from Pastor Lynnae

Church in Society.

Public Church.

Mission and Ministry.

Over the years the “outreach” activities of a church have taken many different names. We often talk about how the church is not just a building, but it is the people of God living out Jesus’ good news in a needy and hurting world. While Sunday worship and activities are vital to a healthy spiritual life, the command to “love one another” leads us into helping our neighbor. Sometimes that help comes in collecting food. Sometimes it is in donating to veterans. Other times it is sorting clothes. Sometimes it’s writing letters to congress. Sometimes it is marching and sometimes it’s boycotting. Sometimes it is sheltering children and sometimes it’s sharing Jesus’ love with a child.

It can also be by walking hand in hand, and shoulder to shoulder with the poor and oppressed. It is often by simply making relationships with our neighbor that we discover what it really means to be Public Church. When we hear their stories, we become part of the story. I once read that you aren’t doing bible study right if after the study, you are not led to “do” something. I don’t know if a person can actually do bible study wrong, that becomes a judgement, but I do know that dwelling in the word leads to action. Holy scripture inspires mission and ministry.

Hope Lutheran is an active church in society that is present in many and unexpected ways. I cannot even count the number of people that come in our doors every day… Meals on Wheels delivery volunteers, Day Care parents and children, Food trucks the list goes on! Did you know that city workers and postal carriers know that Hope is a place that they can come to for warming up or using our facilities when needed? Did you know that the workers at Prairie Rehab hold meetings here? Did you know that Bread for the World uses our library for meetings?

There is so much to be proud of and yet so much more we can do. Please find your response to God’s word through the Mission and Ministry of Hope Lutheran. Want “in” but don’t know how? Give me a call. We’ll explore the many possibilities.

With Hope,

Pastor Lynnae I. Sorensen