A Message from Pastor Lynnae

I’m not much into routines. Really, I like spontaneity and freedom! Yet, I do the same things all the time! I eat the same meals. I wear the same cozy clothes. I have one cup of coffee every morning. I brush my teeth at the same times every day. I even have a shower routine. Yuck. I am a routine person!
Some routines are healthy. I routinely take my pills and eat my meals. I routinely, don’t exercise, meditate or journal. These practices of faithful living are not always “routine”.
This Lenten Season, our focus “Be Still and Know: a 40 Day Journey” is about adding to your routine. It is about creating a habit of prayer, meditation, healthy breathing and stretching, and using tools to assist these new practices.
So many people tell me about the stress and worry in their lives. I have so many of you talk about anxiety and overload and even depression. There is an epidemic in our culture of mental health apprehension. Many need counseling and or medication to help deal with these issues. It is necessary and important to seek help.
While we do not claim to cure any of these strains, it is our hope that this Lent you will acquire some skills that might assist you in alleviating the stress and mental exhaustion.
There is proof that deep breathing helps you relax and that calming music lightens your mood. There is proof that coming closer to God in prayer and meditation will help you to focus so that issues that could overwhelm you are derailed and that you can lower your anxiety.
Come. Learn. 40 days is enough time to start a habit – or should I say ROUTINE.
See you Wednesday nights in Lent. Supper at 5:15 and worship at 7:00pm.
With Hope,
Pastor Lynnae I Sorensen