A Message from Pastor Lynnae

Be Still and Know: A 40 Day Journey
Lent 2023
The bible is full of examples of the importance of prayer, meditation, and silence. From Jesus going off to be alone to pray to Psalms about contemplating the wonder of God’s creation. In this fast-paced world of worry and angst, these admonitions are a life line to better health, calmer lifestyles and a closer relationship to God.
A small group of Hope members have gotten together to create ways for us to begin a practice of mindfulness, meditation, and prayer. Each Wednesday evening in Lent, we will gather to breath, slow down and learn about ways to engage in healthy practices of meditation, stretching, deep breathing and being still.
When there is so much anxiety, stress and apprehension in our lives, this will be an opportunity to learn skills that can lead to a healthier life. Our professionals are including skills and practices for children. Wouldn’t it be great for them to learn NOW how to relax, pray and have the skills to lower anxiety?
Supper will be served at 5:15 PM and worship will still be only 40 minutes long so that families can get home to be ready for school and work the next day. You will be invited to enter the sacred space in silence. We will use the Holden Village Evening Prayer service (a very peaceful and lovely liturgy) and the message will be offered by members of Hope that are professionals in counseling, psychology, yoga and exercise.
Everyone will receive a journal for tracking their 40-day journey. There will be take home tutorials and online videos. Let this be a start for your own good health and spirituality as you – Be Still and Know.
Lent begins on Ash Wed., Feb. 22.
With Hope,
Pastor Lynnae I Sorensen