A Message from Pastor Lynnae

Dear Friends,

Despite the wind and the cold temperatures today, I saw a little green in the grass! Proof – spring is coming. It’s always a bit of a surprise that after freezing cold, snow and darker days, there is
going to be warmth, new life and sunshine. This never ending process of life, growth, decay, death and new life cycle is a part of God’s holy calendar. The church has a calendar of seasons that are not dependent upon sun and moon but upon the life cycle of Jesus. Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost. These are the seasons we remember.

Over the summer time we at the church are in Pentecost. This is sometimes called the season of growing and the color that represents the season is green! Some traditions also call Pentecost the “ordinary time”. It is generally the longest season of the church year and mostly reviews the teachings, miracles and healings of Jesus ministry. It is not “ordinary” as in routine or boring. It is “ordinary” as we faithful ones get to take time to be with Jesus stories. We settle into the practical and mature mystery of God as revealed through Christ.

This summer we will focus on some of the not so familiar aspects of our faith life and highlight some of the saints of old, children of new and a few other surprises. Like spring, it is sure to be full of joy.

Join us this Pentecost for a not so ordinary time.

With Hope,

Pastor Lynnae