HopeCare Happenings

Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Isn’t it amazing how quickly Nov. flew by? Thanksgiving is always an opportunity to reflect on what we’re thankful for. At HopeCare, that means our amazing HopeCare team, Hope Lutheran church members who volunteer and pray for us regularly, and of course, all of our families!
There is so much going on at HopeCare.

Caterpillars and Butterflies (infants)


This past month was a busy one welcoming some new caterpillars and their families and taking pictures in front of our pumpkin patch. We have had a lot of milestones happening in such a short time; crawling, walking, first teeth, and sitting up alone! Being a part of each child as they learn and grow more each day is such a blessing!

Sprouts (ones)
The sprouts kept busy exploring the light table with Mrs. Kami. They were able to see what kind of colors comes through the magnets and were able to stack them and see what happens – cause and effect teaching. Blooms (Twos)
We have been focusing on science! We have done many different experiments mixing colors and looking at the different densities of liquids. We’ve also made lava lamps and mini volcanoes. While doing these, we’ve seen different reactions to mixing chemicals. They LOVED mixing baking soda with vinegar because of the result of the bubbles! Shepherds (ages 3 to 5)
One of the themes in December was a focus on Jeremiah and spreading the word. To illustrate this, we had a special visitor from the postal service, created some fun letters, and then delivered them to the Disciples. Disciples (School age)
The end of Oct. was a lot of fun for the Disciples; especially since we got to decorate our pumpkins. The kids had a blast painting them and scooping out the insides; but I think their favorite part was getting to drill the holes in it for the light to shine out as the “stars” in our night sky. Nov. began with a cold start and the kids were thrilled when the snow arrived. We will see what trouble we get into this winter… I see a possible snowball fight in our future, or maybe a snow angel contest!

HopeCare continues to partner with Sanford Children’s to train staff. They have completed classroom studies to improve the environments and their teaching. Each classroom will graduate out of the program and then have maintenance check ins! Feel free to stop into HopeCare areas and check out the lessons, rooms, and fun happenings!

Upcoming Events
Dec. 20 – Christmas concert for morning preschool T/Th
Dec. 21 – Christmas concert for morning preschool M/W/F
Dec. 23 – HopeCare is closed
Dec. 26 – HopeCare is closed
Jan. 2 – HopeCare is closed

Mission for December: Sioux Falls School District Nutrition Lunch program