HopeCare Happenings

Fall is in full swing at HopeCare and we are staying busy with exploration, adventures, and of course LEARNING! Take a gander at some fun activities each room did for the month of Oct. The HopeCare storage shed has been erected and was built on a wooden platform that is anchored to the ground. The purpose of this shed is to store toys and outdoor materials so that they are not left in the elements; therefore, lasting longer. It will also alleviate some of the “clutter” that happens in the summer with water days, riding toys etc.

The AARPA grant dollars need to be spend by the end of this year, we had ten months to accomplish this, with most going towards staff bonuses and expense categories that increases with the cost of living. We replaced and improved some items as well as bought supplies that can last well into next year. We are grateful for the opportunity to get to put an investment into our program and staff.

Caterpillars and Butterflies (infants)
This week we are working on transitioning our little caterpillars into the butterflies they have now grown to be! As the time comes for them to move to their next learning experience in the “Sprouts,” with Mrs. Jen and Mrs. Kami. We will miss their little personalities!

Sprouts (ones)
The sprouts explored the seeds and insides of a pumpkins. We used all our senses to explore, answer questions, and ask questions about pumpkins. Then, we painted them for some fall decorating! The children also had a blast playing with the paper from the table.

Blooms (Twos)
This month, we played with pumpkins! We had a pumpkin percussion
instrument, painted with pumpkins, and even played in pumpkin guts! Imagine that! This allows the children to learn through exploration of different forms of the pumpkins and to see the process of what can become of a pumpkin.

Shepherds (ages 3 to 5)
The shepherds decided to have a race between Thomas the tank train and Paw Patrol on the tracks.  The Paw Patrol train won! This is a great large motor activity that focuses on team work, taking turns, and playing!

Morning Preschool
A parent commented to us that she figured her child was “JUST PLAYING”! Our answer is “YOU BET!” We are just playing in Morning Preschool, at least part of our time.  BUT while we are PLAYING, we are also learning cooperation and negotiation skills. We could go on about how we are building up our large muscle skills and strengthening our
fingers for our fine motor skills and developing coordination too! We are practicing using our language skills to share and to get others to share with us. We sometimes use Rock, Paper, Scissors or Eenny Meany Miny Mo, catch a Tiger by his toe. Our favorite “PLAY” is when one or more of our students say to a friend, “Hey, let’s do this…” and the friend says, “Yeah and let’s also do this…”  The best towers get built, often to be knocked down and the best tea parties happen when we LEARN to “PLAY” together!

Disciples (School Age)
This month we have done some fun activities. First we put
together a bunch of Hunger Bags for the church to be able to hand out to those in need. A few weeks later, Miss Jamie came and took our pictures with the pumpkins, which the kids loved. Then for our “no school day” we practiced “untying” a human knot as a team building activity and then took a nice walk to McKennan park. The teachers are really enjoying the memories that we are making with the kids and we hope that the kids are enjoying them too!

Upcoming November Events
Family Feast with children and their parents
Humane Society mission
Friendship Bread stay trip
Lifescape Drama program visiting for a stay trip
CLOSED on Thursday the 24th
CLOSED on Friday the 25th