HopeCare Happenings

A Message from Brandi

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  Albert Einstein

This is one of my favorite quotes as it is so incredibly true!  I believe so deeply that God creates each and every one of us with a unique gift.  Our hearts, minds and even the way our bodies are made; all contribute to a specific purpose that keeps the world in motion.  God’s design is so beautiful and so intentional.

During the time I’ve been able to be a part of the beautiful mission of HopeCare, I have witnessed each teacher’s unique and amazing skills contribute to the growth and development of the children in their classroom:

  • Infant teachers who know each one of the many little miracles in their room, as a mother would.
  • The level of compassion and silliness of the one- and two-year-old teachers to help with transitioning from family arms to their daycare day.
  • Preschool teachers who have the patience to teach independence skills, social emotional development and building relationships with peers.
  • Listening in on the school age teachers building rapport with children from all walks of life.

Staff Spotlight

HopeCare will be sharing stories, inspirations, and writings from our staff. This month we feature Mrs. Jamie.

Creating a safe place and sharing God’s love with all our children is an obvious passion and skill in our daycare. My day is filled with joy as I watch the teachers, who I provide support to, laugh and engage with our future minds. All this reminds me, not only are all the teachers unique and amazing in every way, but so are our children. We get the wonderful honor to watch those perfectly created beings grow into their purpose. How amazing is that?!

April Happenings

Mrs. Jamie created a theme room that she updates for the biblical story from the Spark Bible. She continues to make the room a fun outlet and field trip for the children and teachers. Check out the fun caterpillars in the hall!

The week of the young child went amazingly well with Music Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Work together Wednesday, Artsy Thursday, and Family Friday. Family Friday included a Palm Parade! Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who joined to assist it be such a success! We had 20 parents/grandparents join us for the parade!

Some guest speakers for “in-house” field trips included: The author Joyce Hoberg Kaatz and her reading of her book “Raising Little Stripe”, the butterfly house and we had a clean up day for the children to earn community helper badges. Thank you for those of you that volunteered and assisted!

Here are some room name changes:

  • Under 12 months: Caterpillars and Butterflies
  • 1 to 2: Sprouts
  • 2 to 3: Blooms
  • 3 to 4: Shepherds
  • 4 to 5: Fishers
  • School age: Disciples

Plans for May:

  • Both Morning Preschool sessions will take a field trip to the zoo May 9 & 10.
  • The Zoo Mobile will visit us for an “in house” field trip.
  • Our kinder ready morning preschool group will graduate Wed., May 11 from 11-1130a in the sanctuary. All are invited!
  • Sioux Falls Independent School District will be out on Wed., May 25 and the summer school age program starts Tues., May 31!