HopeCare Happenings

HopeCare is standing strong in the struggles and blessings of the childcare provider world. The staff have reached amazing goals, are improving every day, and pull together as one unit, on even the most trying days. I have witnessed an entire program grow to new depths, transition to new mind-sets, and surpass every obstacle that has been placed in front of them; they are a true mission of faith. They are creating light within the hearts and souls of the children they engage with, daily. They are doing God’s work every day to each child in their care.

I have observed several staff come out of their shell and own what was in them the entire time. I have had the honor to help them, and the program, reach for the light that has always been within the walls of Hope Lutheran. The staff have been patient, understanding, and steadfast in watching their own lights come forth on their capabilities. They have gone from feeling unsure and burden-some to knowing their worth and that what they do is a true mission. They are patient in their de-sires for their program. They are understanding of the needs, wants, and goals of their program and it’s church. They no longer rely on their fear of what they are capable of but reach inside to bring forth the light.

They are what keeps the mission alive and they are part of why I do what I do. We do not exist without their dedication, faith, and light. It continues to be a blessing to watch them and HopeCare grow; the potential continues to take my breath away.

Prayer: “God of justice, you empower me with your light to speak to the world of your kingdom come here on earth. Give me courage to accept that light and shine it into the world to bring for life, light, and healing to our broken world. Amen.”
by Rev. Kaleigh Corbett

We encourage the congregation to take a few steps down to the childcare wing and take a look at the new pictures of staff, the lessons, and what we are working on. Below is a short synapsis of what we accomplished in March and what will be upcoming in April.