Day 18

Recently, I was part of a discussion that asked the question “What was the best Christmas gift you received when you were young?”  All of us reflected on this and I carried the same conversation home.

While there were a few gifts that stood out, a microscope and a wished-for doll, to name a few, it was interesting after really considering it, what meant the most.  Every year we received a family game for Christmas.  Not all were favorites (i.e. Monopoly, personally speaking) but what the gift represented, made that annual game a “best gift”.  It meant time together as a family.  We would spend the day playing the new game and pulling out our favorites from previous years.  Sometimes we played as teams, other times as individuals.  We would have to settle an occasional dispute, even coaxing someone to return to the game they had abandoned in frustration. We carried on the love of games with our children, cherishing our time together; a time to shut out everything else, focusing on the game at hand, enjoying the fun, and feeling the love.

Now we prepare to celebrate the best Christmas gift ever received – the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  During this Advent season, may we take time to shut out everything, focusing on the reason for this season, enjoying the fun activities and traditions, and feeling God’s perfect love.

God’s blessings, peace and love,

Pam Koob