Day 14

Above: My Grandma Ryger and me, age about 2

Celebrating a Norwegian Christmas

Many of us celebrate Christmas traditions brought to us from our ancestors. My maternal Grandma Agnes Ryger, a first generation American and charter member of Hope Lutheran, brought forth her Norwegian traditions to our family.  We always celebrated our Christmas festivities of opening presents on Christmas Eve and then went to church at 10:30 pm which was a candlelight service.

Before Christmas my mom made many goodies such as rosettes, krumkake, fattigmann, and rommegrot. I have learned how to make many of these goodies and like to share them with the younger generation.

My Grandma used to always say the Norwegian Table Prayer before a meal; how I wish she had taught this to me. Here are the words to it in English and Norwegian:

No matter your heritage, I hope you pass on some traditions to the next generation!

May you have a Merry Christmas,

Wendy Stubbs