A Message from Pastor Lynnae

I was able to attend a class on being a cancer “survivor.” The class was full of helpful information about what I need to watch out for (side effects) and be aware of (people afraid to talk about my situation) and it was all well presented.

The only thing is, I don’t want to just be a “survivor”; I want to be a “Thriver.” I want to live differently every day, because I am more keenly aware of just how special each day really is. I want to take every chance I can to not miss any of life’s wonderful experiences. I want to praise God with all that I have and with gusto. That’s more than just surviving.

At a recent church meeting we were presented with four different ways that churches exist. Some churches are STALLED. They just run “out of gas.” Some churches are OUT OF BREATH. They have worked so hard that they are exhausted. Now, there are also some churches that are BECOMING. “They come to life by listening, making meaning out of what is heard, trying to experiment and listening again.” Then there are some very fortunate churches that are GROWING. These congregations are “committed to deepening their faith, focusing in prayer and scripture, acting out of love, giving generously” and more. (Taken from: The Lead Playbook)

I wonder if on any given day, a church may be all four of these descriptions? Of course, I have my own ideas of where Hope is in this picture but what is more important is what you think. How are you fitting in to this landscape? Are you out of breath? Are you becoming? What leads to growth?

For me, the answer begins with prayer and moves quickly into relationship. Let’s pray for growth! Let’s pray for God to encourage us and guide us to a closer and right relationship with God and one another.

With hope,
Pastor Lynnae