A Message from Pastor Andrea

Dear Friends in Christ,

Thank you for the gracious welcome to my role as your Interim Pastor for these first months of 2022. I have appreciated the Council Members, especially President Steve Anderson, the Hope Staff, and many volunteers who continue to be so helpful to me as I find my way with you in ministry here at Hope Lutheran.

February will take us through the concluding weeks of the Epiphany season right up to the eve of the Lenten season on Ash Wed., March 2.  I hope through our weeks of listening in worship to the accounts of Jesus’ ministry, and the work of the early Disciples, we will all be inspired in our own lives of discipleship in Jesus’ name.

I look forward to that, but also want to share that my daughter’s wedding celebration will happen in mid-February, so there is much to look forward to in that month for me, and my family. Your Council leaders and I planned for my absence around the wedding celebration, as well as 2 other pre-existing commitments I had during that month. We arrived at a plan for me to serve two weeks in Feb., and for Hope to have pulpit supply on the two Sundays I will be gone (13 and 20). Pastor Lon Kvanli will provide leadership for those two worship services, and I know you will enjoy hearing him, as well as meeting him. Pastor Lon recently retired to Sioux Falls, but some years back he served at Eastside Lutheran so he may be familiar to some from that time. I return for the last week of the month, and continue to serve Hope through the month of March.

In my Interim time with you I hope there will be times for conversation and sharing between us. Please feel free to contact me with any pastoral concerns or hospitalizations that may impact you and your loved ones. My cell is 605-359-8726, and my email is bishopadn@aol.com. You can also reach me through the church office.

Let’s do our part in staying healthy during these continuing pandemic times, and focus on continuing to grow in faith together as God leads us.

Blessings to you all,

Pastor Andrea DeGroot-Nesdahl