Pastor’s Reflections

What does it mean to be a “teaching congregation”?

This is about giving back. This is about participating in the church at large. This is about believing in the future.

Starting in January we at Hope Lutheran will welcome Corey Scott as our seminary intern. Vicar Corey will be with us for one year where he will fully engage in the mission and ministry at Hope. We will recognize him as “vicar” because “intern” is a more corporate and business-like term. You can read about Vicar Corey and his family elsewhere in the newsletter. Vicar Corey will need your help. He has a very short time to learn about the duties and responsibilities of a pastor. There is an internship   committee that will meet monthly with Vicar Corey to process his learning and to offer support. Our thanks to Connie Krohse for being willing to lead this committee. They are not a complaint committee, but they may offer suggestions for his formation. I will be Vicar Corey’s direct supervisor. The best thing that you can do for our vicar is to give him honest feedback.

We are setting up the office between Mary Anderson and Matt Krohse to be shared between Vicar Corey and Andrew Robinette. They will not be in there at the same times. Hope has so much to share with anyone that might be “learning into” a Call to Word and Sacrament Ministry. We have a rich history with faithful membership. We have growing families and a busy Children’s Center. We have deep relationships with the multi-cultural faith community including Pueblo De Dios and the African Ministry. We are active with the feeding programs and homeless ministries. There is so much to teach. Should you have any questions, please give me a call or better yet – talk with Vicar Corey!

With Hope,

Pastor Lynnae