Lessons in Faith

I had just left an appointment with our youngest son, Baereht, and was waiting for valet. While we were standing there, I was observing a family with a little boy who was ill and hooked up to all sorts of lines and his dad was pushing him around in a fun cart. They had stopped outside of the gift shop. This little boy was just as happy as can be and so excited to see these balloons outside of the gift shop. Mom and dad both looked at the balloons and shook their heads. I stood there, happy for our family that Baer was cleared and given a clean bill of health, but then guilt struck me. How long have they been here staying at the castle? How can such a little person have to go through something so hard? It just isn’t fair.  God why do you do this… So, we went to buy that little guy a balloon. Baer and I walked over to them, and I asked them if Baer could buy them a balloon- Baer is eight months old. They said that we did not have to do that, I reassured them that it wasn’t because we HAD to, it is that we GOT to. I let Baer pick the balloon out, and when I say that I let an 8-month-old pick out a balloon I mean I held him up in front of them and whatever one he grabbed first was the winner. He picked superheroes. Very befitting i feel. So, I let him help me give it to the little boy. He was THRILLED and the moment was priceless because Baer let go of the balloon and reached to touch these little boy’s face and I felt that my momma heart was going to jump out of my chest. Both of this boy’s parents were crying. They thanked us about one hundred times. I reassured them that it was a privilege to get to share that moment. I told them we would pray for their family and God bless them. We turned and walked away. I got to the car and bawled. Over a balloon.

“Faith is so vital to the Christian life that Scripture tells us that, without it, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Yet faith is such a powerful gift from God (Ephesians 2:8–9) Christ told His disciples that, with just a tiny measure of it, the size of a mustard seed, they could move mountains.”

Faith is such a strong word, but it can also leave one overwhelmed with its vagueness. There can be so many obstacles, challenges, and life events that can leave one questioning; how much faith do they really need to possess to get through? How can such a little amount of faith, like that of a mustard seed, really get me through all of life’s challenges?

I accepted the Hope Care director position about 3 months ago. Since that time frame many changes have occurred both personally and professionally. In fact, the only thing constant has been changes or challenges but all in a forward moving positive direction. Now, did I always feel that way about these items, absolutely not. However, each time I have had an overwhelming sense of urgency, stress, anxiety, “mom” guilt, or “leader” guilt something has come up and reminded me, “I see you God, I hear you loud and clear, keep the faith and persevering through.”

So was it the balloon or in that moment a little bit of faith- that I didn’t even think about or acknowledge that is what it was- released so much fear, stress, and life problems that I didn’t even realize were weighing me down?

Life lets us get tangled up in all the unknowns; good bad or otherwise. When I remember to share happiness, positivity, and kindness I am letting my faith shine through without even thinking about it. When I let go of that balloon, I reminded myself about my purpose, why I do what I do, and that, even in challenges, faith gives me strength.

Let the balloon go and let God remind you of the faith that you naturally encompass and share. Even if you don’t realize it, it is always present.

With Faith,

Brandi McCuen