HopeCare Happenings

HopeCare continues to grow our program in a positive direction. We have several new staff and new families joining our program on a regular basis.

We will start a new HopeCare Morning Preschool program this Sept. It is separate from our Perfectly Preschool Childcare space for 3,4, and 5’s, and will be offered to HopeCare families as well as Hope Lutheran congregation members. There is a Monday/Wednesday/Friday class from 9 a.m. until 1130 a.m. for 4s and 5s as well as a Tuesday/Thursday class from 9am until 11:30am for 3 year old’s. These two programs offer separate classroom pieces that help each age prepare for school in their own special ways. We are excited to continue the HopeCare and Hope Lutheran on this new journey!

Christmas in July continues to Bless us and the goals of our program. Thank you for those that have taken the time to donate effort, supplies, items from the wish list, and everything else! Some special shouts outs are essential:

Jamie and Ryan Winklepleck: Thank you for all of the work done on the building, helping with the various needs we have had, and finding those that can assist us in those needs. The Thrivent grants you utilized on HopeCare’s behalf are greatly appreciated and we cannot wait to see the kids playing on the new playground set, reading from the Spark bibles, and the future of the landscaping and playground at the Sherman building!

Ron and Elaine Keenihan: Thank you for the time you have taken to assist in so many ways for HopeCare. From trying to figure out the sound board problem in our big room to giving me a ride when needed. It has all been greatly appreciated!

Julie Moore: Thank you for the Thrivent grants  you utilized on behalf of the HopeCare program for Spark Bibles and the playground! Also, for your assistance in helping to repair the HopeCare van window. Your assistance was greatly appreciated!

Clark Koob: Thank you for all of your help when it comes to the “maintenance” calls and emails you receive. Also, thank you for the new camera system donation for the Hope building location!

WELCA:  Thank you for your gracious donation of paint for the HopeCare rooms. You ladies have been a great group of gals to get to know!

Linda Koepsell: Thank you for all the help with laundry and your tips!

It is such a blessing to work in and be surrounded by an atmosphere of such support, faith, gratitude, and  kindness.

-Brandi McCuen