Hope’s Second Water Well Donation is Up and Thriving

Hope Lutheran Church has received notice that our donation of a second water well in Ethiopia, named Denko, has been completed and is in use. Water to Thrive sent notice of the well completion along with pictures and location statistics.

Water to Thrive reports that each day, new water projects like this one, provide clean, safe water to hundreds of people. The communities participate fully in the construction and implementation of these wells and the villages then take full ownership of the projects. Water committees, selected by the communities themselves, maintain the water points and ensure that they are used properly. The committees, along with the communities they serve, work hard to make sure that the wells are sustainable and will be able to provide clean water for many years.

Thanks to your generosity, these communities no longer have to face the fear of illness and death from dirty water. Women will be able to spend hundreds of additional hours a year looking after their families instead of collecting water. Girls will not have to miss class to help gather water. Thanks to you and your efforts, these wells will be lasting sources of health, productivity and prosperity. The people of Ethiopia and the team at Water to Thrive send their thanks to Hope Lutheran for making this blessing of water possible. They are grateful for our partnership in the mission to bring more clean water to those in need.