HopeCare Happenings

With the return of school, HopeCare has officially started their new school year, too. Children have started in their new classrooms, and have met their new teachers! Some even have new friends to play with! One constant we have is our relationship with the Lord.

Here at HopeCare, we have a wonderful chapel program called “O Come Let Us Worship”. Every week, our preschool classes gather with Pastor Lynnae, where we talk about the lesson for the week. Each class has also created an art project to use as an offering which relates to the weekly lesson. After chapel, they bring the offering home and tell their parents about the story!

Our chapel service is quite different since the coronavirus outbreak started. In the past, we gave high fives, handshakes, and even hugs to the children as they left chapel each day. We also used to sing songs during the service! I am sure that most parents can also sing the Hippo song! We hope that we can go back to these activities during chapel soon, but we know that we need to do what we can to stop the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to our chapel time, teachers read the lesson from the SPARK Bible each week. We also pray before every meal. Some of our favorite prayers are Johnny Appleseed, Food and Friends, and the Common Table Prayer.

With Hope and Gratitude,

Matt Krohse