God’s Work, Our Hands Challenge

It is the year 2020, and everything is different! How can we do “God’s Work, Our Hands” in this very different year? The Mission Committee met to discuss this question. We are excited to report a “God’s Work” challenge that everyone can do! The name of this year’s challenge is ACTS OF KINDNESS, and takes place Sun., Sept. 13.

So many of the things that we have done in past years just won’t work this year, but we can still all do “God’s Work”, each in our own way. Let’s challenge ourselves to do an ACT OF KINDNESS that we’ve never done before and then send a letter to Hope Lutheran telling what we have done. In this way we can encourage one another, learn from each other, and give the gift of kindness.

Here are just a few ideas for what can be done. You’ll be able to think of something that fits your circumstances, something that comes from your heart, and does God’s work.

  • Kids, ask Mom or Dad to call a nursing home and tell them that you are coming over to sing Jesus Loves Me outside of the resident’s windows.
  • Give a coat or jacket to the Banquet for distribution this fall. Maybe even a new one!
  • Buy a canister or two of coffee for St. Francis House and deliver it to 1301 E Austin St.
  • Call or write a letter to a family member that hasn’t stayed connected with family.
  • Kids, could you go shopping with Mom or Dad and ask to buy a bag of dog food that you can deliver to the Humane Society?
  • Call someone once a week for a month, someone that needs to be remembered.
  • Consider a gift to a HopeCare Scholarship Fund that would help a HopeCare family in need.
  • Adopt a mother, a dad, or a grandparent. You’re doing God’s work!

Now! What’s your idea?

THEN, VERY IMPORTANT, write a letter or a note to Hope Lutheran telling about your ACT OF KINDNESS, what you did for “God’s Work, Our Hands” this year. Let’s see what Hope Lutheran can do and then report it. You might even send a picture of what you did. Put your heart into this! You are challenged to do this by September 13, this year’s Sunday for “God’s Work, Our Hands!” THANK YOU! THANK YOU!