A Message from Pastor Lynnae

The kingdom of God is like…

Maybe the kingdom of God is like a birthday party where there are lots of balloons and sprinkles. Or maybe it is like a pampered spa day! Or the   kingdom of God is like a day full of Dad Jokes or puppy videos. Or maybe the kingdom of God is like a full course meal with fine wine and chocolate for dessert.

Probably the kingdom of God is not all about you. It is about the right things happening because everyone counts. The kingdom of God is not one single event but a series of events that create a way of the heart that focuses on God’s generosity and goodness.

Marcus Borg wrote: “So what is the kingdom of God? It’s not about heaven, it’s for the earth, it’s about a transformed earth, not a transformation of the world of nature but a transformation of the humanly created world of societies and domination systems. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to Christians despite probably half American Christians not getting it. It’s right there in the Lord’s Prayer “Your kingdom come on Earth, as it already is in heaven.”  (From the Marcus Borg Foundation)

Sometimes we get the “kingdom of God” and the “kingdom of heaven” mixed up. Matthew is the only gospel writer that used “heaven” instead of “God”. It is possible to even compare the same stories and see where the other writers used “God”, yet Matthew used “heaven”. They are basically interchangeable and indicate the same meaning. The kingdom of God/heaven is when God rules. God’s rule isn’t as easy as a birthday party or a great meal. God’s rule is when everyone gets invited to the party and when the meal satisfies all.

Many of the parables begin with this comparison, “The kingdom of God/heaven is like…” In September and October, we will unpack some of Jesus’ parables to better understand God’s rule. Join us!

With Hope,

Pastor Lynnae I Sorensen