A Message from Pastor Lynnae

God doesn’t promise that our lives will be easy. God promises to be with us in all times; good and difficult. God doesn’t keep us from illness. God sends medical personnel and helpers to meet us in our illness, to care for us and comfort us. God doesn’t keep everyone from dying. God meets us in our death and saves us eternally.

But. This is really getting old. I’m tired of not touching people and staying back from friends. I don’t like not seeing peoples smiles and I admit I’m easily aggravated by people who ignore the direction signs at the store and who just can’t keep their masks over their noses! I’m ready to not be over sanitized and constantly washing my hands.

Yet. It is not over, and this is not the time to relax. In fact, with flu season coming on we will have to double down our efforts at safety and protection. We must stay vigilant.

I’m very proud of how “in person” and online worship is going at Hope Lutheran. A huge thank you to our staff and council for all their work in creating what we think is a safe and careful way of gathering for word and sacrament. We hope this can continue.

However. We will not hesitate to pause in person worship should it become unsafe or should we have an outbreak from this place of   worship. We have learned that we are more than a building and we are greater than the old way. We have learned how to worship online and spend more time on the phone, to Zoom and visit through windows. It has not been easy, but we’ve done it. We can do it again if we must.

It is a strange kind of sacrifice that we are being called to these days. We do not sacrifice alone. Not only is Jesus with us, encouraging and supporting us, but we have one another. We walk this way together.

Should you have special needs; either with mental health, basic needs or economics – please let us know! I am here to do my best to help those in need.

I pray for your safety and good health. I pray for your spirit to come closer and closer to God. I pray for this COVID virus to end.

With Hope,

Pastor Lynnae