A message from Pastor Lynnae

Into your hands I commend my spirit… Psalm 31:5

Here the psalmist is asking for God’s help against enemies. Jesus quotes this psalm and verse as his last words from the cross. It is a prayer.

As this newsletter comes to you, we are in our second month of needing God’s help against an enemy. The enemy is COVID-19 but a close cousin could be: rash actions, ignorance and maybe boredom. It has taken great creativity to find ways to “be” together without “being” together.

This is exhausting. So, the prayer of the psalmist fits. Lord, we trust you. Help us. This is the time to wat on the Lord, give thanks for our blessings and think on our future.

Getting back to a new normal will be necessary. We are not going to be able to go back to the same old same old. If anything, we have learned that we are fragile and that there are vulnerable people all around us.

How do we protect one another?

How can we safely gather in mass?

Can we develop an emergency fund that might help us in the future should something like this happen again?

How will pastoral care have to change?

I don’t have all the answers but together we will have to figure these things out.

In the meantime… Lord, into your hands we commend our spirits.

~ Pastor Lynnae