Rebel Hurd Family Fire

As many of you may know, our sister in Christ, Rebel Hurd (Mission Developer/SAM, Church on the Street) and family (Jeff, Maisie, Autumn, and Darby), have lost their home and all belongings to a fire earlier this week.

After speaking with Rebel, here is what would be most helpful in the immediate aftermath of the fire. Later on there will likely be a need for more hands-on assistance, but for now financial assistance will be most helpful in getting the family back on their feet.

The Synod can act as a collection point for checks and/or gift cards for the Hurd family. For tax purposes, checks must be written directly to “Jeff and Rebel Hurd.” Do NOT write checks to the synod, as there is not a legal way to pass tax-deductible gifts from a 501c3 directly to specified individuals. In the unlikely event that gifts exceed what is needed to recoup the family’s losses after insurance, remaining gifts will be passed along to Church on the Street. We will update you from time-to-time on the what has been contributed and what the remaining needs are.

Please consider the following gift ideas:

For Clothing for the girls: gift cards to Old Navy or Kohl’s
For Clothing for Rebel: gift cards to the Dress Barn or Cato
For Clothing for Jeff: gift cards for Scheels or Halberstadts

A GoFundMe page has been setup for the Hurd Family to collect online donations. Please consider donating and sharing this link.

The girls are competitive golfers, and their clubs were also lost in the fire, so gift cards for Scheels for them would be very helpful, too.

Finally, all of the family’s cars burned in the fire, including the van that Rebel uses for Church on the Street. They have no transportation. If someone has a car that they can lend or donate, that would be very helpful.

THANK YOU so much for your offers of help and assistance. For now, the financial help and prayers are what is most needed.

God our comforter, you are a refuge and a strength for us, a helper close at hand in times of distress. Enable us so to hear the words of faith that our fear is dispelled, our loneliness eased, our anxiety calmed, and our hope reawakened. May your Holy Spirit lift us above our sorrow to the peace and light of your constant love; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.