A message from Pastor Lynnae

The Last Week.

Holy Week is soon upon us. Beginning with Palm Sunday and culminating on Easter morning. Each day of that week is vital to the holy story.

Monday – Jesus curses the fig tree and drives out the sellers in the Temple.

Tuesday – The fig tree is withered, and Jesus is questioned in the Temple as they try to entrap him. Jesus teachings include several parables all focusing on the Temple and Temple leadership as well as Roman injustice.

Wednesday – Jesus is anointed by the unnamed woman, which propels Judas to look for a way to betray him. Jesus also teaches the unwitting disciples about his death and resurrection three times and yet they still don’t understand.

Thursday – Maundy is Greek for “mandate” and this is the night when Jesus washes the feet of the disciples and mandates that they do the same for others. This is the remembrance of the Passover and the institution of the Holy Eucharist. This night Jesus is betrayed and arrested.

Friday – Naming this day “Good Friday” probably started from the German translation “Gute Freitag”. Jesus is on trial with Herod, Pilate and then back to Herod. He is mocked, beaten and finally nailed to the cross. At noon darkness descended upon the land and at 3 PM Jesus died. Jesus is buried in a tomb with a stone rolled to shut the opening.

Saturday – scripture says nothing about the events of the Sabbath day. Our Apostles Creeds says that “he descended to the dead”. This is based on Jewish tradition of the day.

Sunday – The women discover that Jesus is Risen!

Now, those are events and that is a great deal for us to just sit with, but there is so much more theologically and spiritually for us to understand about Jesus life, death and resurrection.

Please join us for worship:

Palm Sunday at 9:00 AM (We will celebrate First Communion for some of our children)

Maundy Thursday at 7:00 PM

Good Friday at 7:00 PM

Easter Sunday at 9:00 AM (With breakfast starting at 8:15 AM)


With Hope,

Pastor Lynnae I Sorensen