A Message from Pastor Lynnae

Give Thanks.

Over and over again, scriptures remind us to “Give Thanks.” I’ve struggled with Thanksgiving these days.

  • The actual Thanksgiving story with Pilgrims and Indians didn’t really happen as I was taught in grade school. It is a much more violent and ugly picture.
  • There isn’t a full table in every home in America.
  • Most people are just planning for the next day, what is now known as “Black Friday.”

Most of that is conflictual and I just don’t know how to make the day count as a day of thanks. What? Am I thankful that the Pilgrims and Indians is a story of the past? Am I thankful that at least my family has enough food at the table? Am I thankful that I have a choice as to go shopping on Friday or not? Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, and yet we are commended to “in all things, give thanks.”

So, how about this…

I will give thanks that God has given me a spirit of compassion so that I know discomfort when I see injustice and that with the power of the Holy Spirit I can work for equity. I will give thanks that there are feeding programs for me to participate in and that there is enough to share. I will give thanks that the greatest gift is the gift of presence. I that spirit, I will cherish time with family and loved ones. This Thanksgiving lets begin to change the narrative.

Do more than merely going around the table and declaring one thing you are thankful for. Do something that makes another person thankful! Be transparent about the sins of the past and work to include all int he ways of the future. Find ways to share! Let us truly be thankful to God for leading us as we make this world more sustainable, equitable, hospitable, just and good. Happy Thanksgiving.

With Hope,

Pastor Lynnae